Program for management of chess tournaments


Users Guide






1. Necessary hardware

2. Program installation

3. Settings

4. User interface

5. General guidelines for managing the tournament

6. How to order


1. Necessary hardware

You need a computer running Win95 or later. The best solution is WindowsXP. Program will run also on computer with 16 Mbyte RAM. You need approximately 8 Mbyte free disk space. You will need also some space for saving the tournament data  (approx. 1 Mbyte/tournament).


Program will act as demo program if you don't enter the user's number. That means you will not be able to save and load tournament data and send reports to internet. All other functionality is enabled.


2. Program installation

If you have program on CD insert it in your CR-ROM drive. The setup program should autorun. If nothing happens than run program from Windows Explorer with double click on WinSvicar_Setup in your CD drive or in folder where you copied the installation program. The setup program will guide you thru installation. I suggest you to confirm default values.


The seup program will install programs into Program Files folder (/Program Files/WinSvicar). There will be saved also register (register.txt, frl.txt) and configuration files. Tournament data will be saved to the folder /Turnir.


You will get also other programs: WinEkipni (for managing team tournaments), Usa2EE (for conversions between code pages) and Swiss-48 (for DOS).


3. Settings

At the start of the program you always get the settings dialog, where you can set tournament's and program's data:

- Tournament name (up to 40 characters): head of the tournament, the first printed row

- short name of the tournament (up to 25 characters): for tournament reports

- Place: city of the tournament venue

- Country

- Start: the date of the first round of the tournament

- Close: the date of the last round of the tournament

- Playing time: time for play

- Number of rounds: (2-29)

- Tournament system: swiss/round robin/cup

- Arbiter

- File name: the default name is "turnir" but you should change this to the common recognized coding of the files. The file name must not include dots or commas.

The common coding is as follows:

- the first two or three characters as code of the place or country

- the next two characters for the year

- the next two or three characters for age group or playing group

- the last character should be for the playing time

Some examples: SI04B12R (Slovenian national championship 2004 for boys under 12 in rapid chess), CEL04W (Championship of the Celje region 2004 for women in standard chess), MB0401B (January/2004 blitz tournament of the city Maribor)

- Criterions for the final rankings in case of tye. You can choose three criterions. If you do not select any criterion than only game points will be taken for the final rankings.

- Evaluation of the game scores. If you consider the official score evaluation is not suitable for you, you can change on your own.

- Language

- Dashed characters: for representing the EE dashed characters (old and new standards)

- SLO register: program will search for the players in this register (you can find it in the /Program Files/WinSvicar folder)

- FIDE register: register of FIDE rated players (you can find it in the /Program Files/WinSvicar folder)


You can accept settings by pressing OK button or cancel changes by pressing Cancel button.


Settings dialog is available also in the Tournament/Settings menu.


4. User interface

The user interface is Reach Text Editor (RTF). All tournament reports are written to this editor. You can open them also with other text editors (Winword, WordPerfect, ...). Reports can be found in the work folder /turnir/(file name). You can check this folder name in the menu Help/About.

You can print from main window or edit manually and save the changes. You can open and edit other text or RTF documents (menu File/Open RTF).

All commands have hints, which are printed in the status row.

All commands are organized in menus.


Menu File

Here you can find commands for file manipulation: save, open, print and exit from program.


Menu Edit

Menu with commands for editing: copy, paste, cut, fonts. You can undo last editor commands.


Menu Tournament

You can find here all commands for managing tournament data:

- Enter/Correct/View: for entering players and view their data

- Add late player: for adding players who join the tournament after pairings of the first round were published

- List of players: list of participants with ratings, clubs, ... (.LST)

- Statistics: creates and writes report to the main window (.STA). Opens automatically after loading the tournament

- Pairings: prints pairings list

- Pairings calculation: available after you entered players

- Correct pairings: you can manually correct pairings

- Results: to enter game scores

- Erase last round

- Cross table

- Standings

- Rankings

- Ratings

- Titles

- Change numbers

- Round Bulletin: creates the bulletin for the current round

- Bulletin: creates the bulletin for all rounds

- Internet: creates standard internet report

- Teletext: creates reports for Teletext of TV Slovenia

- Game headers in PGN

- Settings


Menu Utilities

- Calculate more tournaments: you can join results of more than one tournaments and calculate general ranking or make rating report for all tournaments

- Elo calc. for tournaments in folder

- View report on disk: you can check also some other useful reports, which are not written directly into main window.


Menu Internet

The first five command are for Slovenian users.

- FTP to other servers: you can send internet report and tournament files to your server

- e-mail report: you can send tournament data to address by your choice

- download register.txt: you can download the latest version of the register of Slovenian players

- download frl.txt: you can download the latest version of the FIDE registered players (January, April, July, October)

- WinSvicar home page: you can connect to programs home page to check for new versions.


Menu Help

- About: some basic and system data

- Serial number: to enter your serial number

- WinSvicar: opens this document



5. General guidelines for managing the tournament

1. When you start the program fill carefully all necessary tournament data to the Settings dialog. If you omit some important data, the program will ask you before the calculation of the first round.


2. Enter participants. After you leave the players' entry the players will be automatically saved to the file players.fil. You can save them once again under name of your choice. You can enter players by entering their names and data into fields or from register. Enter/Correct/ View menu dialog changes after the first round and shows also player's data by rounds, norms, ... You can still change information but deleting, moving and adding is disabled. If the player resigns from the tournament you should use the Resign button. For adding new players during the tournament use other menu command Add late player.


3. After you entered all players you can calculate the first round. The settings dialog opens. If all information is set correctly, you can proceed to sort order dialog and calculation dialog where you can choose colours for the highest ranked player. By pressing Calculate button you will get error report of calculation and than list of pairings. You can print them by File/Print menu command or by pressing Ctrl-P. You will notice that almost all menu commands have their key short-cuts. These are very similar to those of the DOS program Svicar, except Alt commands are changed with Ctrl Commands.

There are also some Tool buttons and popup menu (right mouse button) for the fastest work.


4. After the first round has been calculated you can go to enter the scores or print some players lists, statistics, ... If there is a pairing not by your choice you can change it. You can enter results by mouse or by keyboard 0-7 (0=draw, 1=1:0, 2=0:1, 3=1:0*, 4=0:1*, 5=0:0*, 6=delete result, 7=draw adjourned). You can move thru pages and rounds. If you leave the dialog by pressing Cancel button all changes will be undone. By pressing OK button program saves all changes end shows the list of pairings with results.


5. After you entered all results, you can choose among different reports or you can simply calculate next round. You can prepare and send data for internet, teletext, bulletin, ...


6. Internet transfers

For those commands you need to be connected to internet. E-mail report prepares attachments (tournament files), so you should only add your smtp server, your address, recipient's address and the message.

For connecting to your FTP server you need some addresses and parameters.


I suggest you regularly check for the latest version of the program and download latest updates.


6. How to order

The software is licensed. With the serial number you get the licence to use the program.


- new users: 50 EUR

- upgrades: 30 EUR

Add 4 EUR + mailing costs for CD.